Signals Remix EP

On Monday, July 1st of 2019, Devin launched his Signals Remix EP. The anticipated release featuring vocalist Sunnie Williams was set fourth through Artist Intelligence Agency, a label Devin has released previous songs with including his Signals original mix and Feeding Fires (2018).
The full remix EP features a slew of electronic dance music artists including heavy hitters Prismatic (Dubstep), BARDZ (Melodic Dance), and ALIEN (Neuro). 
Each artist took unique approaches in their takes on the original tracks. While both Prismatic and ALIEN opted for heavier, more aggressive approaches with Dubstep and Neuro stylistic approaches respectively; BARDZ’s approach to the song was characterized by softer more tonal elements.
All remixes are available on both Spotify and Soundcloud for streaming as well as ITunes for purchase.
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